Frequently Asked Questions


Breast Forms

Whatever your needs or budget, we have the breasts forms that will work best for you.

Many People ask...Why are our Breast Forms sold at such a low price? In my opinion, many other stores and web sites sell the same or similar forms at much higher prices. That is not our philosophy here. We make less profit on our forms, but believe that everyone deserves to have these amazing and fabulous breast forms that I believe make your transformation complete and much more enjoyable and realistic.

How can your Breast Forms be priced so much lower than other web sites and retail stores?

We do a large sales volume and make a smaller profit on each pair sold. It's as simple as that. forms. In addition, I remember how I first felt wearing breast forms, and hope to help others afford the forms. They are truly amazing to wear! We mark them up only slightly from our wholesale price to save you the cost of buying them from other high priced sources. There are only a few manufactuers of the forms, and the wholesale price paid is the same by all resellers. Some web sites and retailers are charging huge markups and making huge profits. That is not our policy for any of our products.

I have seen other Breast Forms on the net at a price lower than yours. Why shouldnt I buy from them?

If you can find the same or similar product at a lower price, we urge you to buy them. Many other web sites use photographs that make the forms they sell look much better than they actually are. Many other web sites are selling inferior quality forms, with poor coloration, poorly constructed nipples, and they offer no returns or guarantees. Due to the nature of the product (personal item) we can not accept returns, but we will happily exchange the breast forms for another size.

What happens if the Breast Forms you receive are to small or to big? Or I want to exchange or return an item?

Simply send them back to us along with a note identifying the change you want ( bigger or smaller ect..) along with a copy of your original order (included in all shipped packages) and we will get replacement forms to you as soon as possible. As long as you have not worn the forms we will exchange them for another size.

Are the Breast Forms warranteed?

The forms are warranteed against any seams letting go. Piercing by a sharp object, or damage due to tapes or adhesives are not covered by the warrantee.

How do I determine the right size Breast Forms for myself?

Take a measurement of your chest below the nipple, then decide what cup size you want. B=Small C=Average D=Large DD=Extremely Large.

Can I attatch the forms to my body and wear them without a bra?

Yes, We suggest cleaning the skin contact area with an alcohol prep (witch hazel is fine). This will remove any soap and other residues that may hamper the attatchment of the forms. Then, apply our Breast Form tape strips to the back of the form according to the instruction sheet included with the tape kit. See the bottom of this page for instructions on using the tape. Many people leave the tape on the forms, and then appy a second layer of tape over the original tape for subsequent wearing, as this protects the forms from any damage.

Which shape Breast Form is best?

There is no "best" shape. Breast forms are manufactured for women who have undergone a mastectomy. There are several diferent types of mastectomies, and many diferent styles of breast forms manufactured to meet those needs. The natural shape and the super perk forms fit best in our custom sheer bra. The teardrop shaped form actually is worn with the teardrop placed sideways, so that the "top" of the teardrop extends toward the underarm area.

Are the forms assigned a "right" or "left" side when I purchase a pair?

No, the forms are exactly the same and can be worn on either side.

How do I care for, clean, my Silicone or Latex Breast Forms?

Simply wash them with a sponge and a mild detergent after each wearing. Then pat them dry with a towel, and place the silicone forms in the holders supplied when you purchase them for storage.

I see you also sell Latex Breast Forms. Why might I prefer these forms over the silicone ones?
Our Latex Breast Forms are perfect for those people who want to wear revealing (low cut) outfits, but can't shave chest hair. The Latex Breast Forms are custom made to order, to specific measurements that we ask from you in an email after you order the forms. The Latex Breast Forms cover the entire chest area, and can also be trimmed to be made to fit perfectly.

Breast Form Tape Instructions

  1. Be sure the skin is clean, dry and free of any grease or skin oils. Cleaning area with alcohol rub is suggested.
  2. Remove the white protective strip.
  3. Affix the tape to the breast forms (2-3 strips are suggested per form.)
  4. Remove the other side of the tape to expose the adhesive.
  5. Press the breast forms onto your body and hold for 3-5 minutes.

The adhesive strips are made of Polyacrylate produced to clinical standards.

They are neutral to the skin and especially:

  • Hypoallergenic
  • Very thin and moulding to the skin surface
  • Impervious to liquids ( ie.. you can swim and bathe and the tape will Hold)
  • Transparent and invisible while being used.
  • Sterilizable

Yes, this tape is very expensive, but it works, and is not going to damge your skin. Unlike many other adhesive products( glues, duct tape, liquid adhesives, spray on adhesives...this tape will not leave a residue on the breast forms which can hinder the satisfaction of wearing the breast forms.)