Frequently Asked Questions



Our V-String™ Vagina's are made of pure liquid latex rubber which is hand brushed into a mold with up to twelve coats for each of the custom made products. There are three to four different colors of tinted latex in each product. The hair is sewn on by hand and adhered to the back with liquid latex. We use ten different colors of synthetic hair in our products to give them a very natural look. The latex is very stretchable with excellent memory returning to its original shape. Due to the amount of latex in the products, they are durable, soft, and pliable. Because of the product quality, it does take us 2-3 weeks to make and ship the V Strings, so please be patient when ordering, the wait is well worth it they are the best product available. Comes in waist sizes up to 50 inches.

Small: Fits waist sizes 20" thru 29"

Medium: Fits waist sizes 30" thru 36"

Large: Fits waist sizes 37" thru 42"

X Large: Fits waist sizes 43" thru 50"

They are all custom made to order, it takes us 2-3 weeks to make and ship each V String. Due to the nature of the product they are not returnable.

Do you have a guarantee?

With hundreds of V Strings sold, we have never had a product returned for poor workmanship or materials. The V Strings are very labor intensive to make, with a 15 step proccess completed before they are sent to our customers. We have a high standard of quality controls in place ensuring consistancy and standards. Because of local laws, and the fact they are made to order, this type of product is worn as an undergarment and cannot be returned.

How do I care for the product after I buy it?

The V String is made of 100% latex rubber. After each use, wash with mild soap and water, then towel dry. The hair is synthetic and excess brushing will pull the hair and straighten it, so it is better to pick (with a hair pick) the hair rather than brush it. We also suggest dusting the V string with talcum powder and storing it in a cool dry area when not in use. Use only water based lubricants with this product, as petroleum, oils, butters and solvents will soften and damage the latex. Avoid leaving the V String in direct sunlight. If you find it necessary to trim the edges after wearing it for a period of time, you can do so with a pair of scissors.

How do I wear the V String?

Place the knotted string thru the loop behind your back and pull snug. Center the appliance in the front. Adjust the knot to the center in the back as close as possible. You may have to retie the knot to accomplish this. "Button" the knot in the loop. Now the knot should be in the center of the back. Wrap the excess string of the buttoned end around the waist string. pass the gaff string between your legs and up and up and under the waist string. Pull down snug and hold. With one hand reach into the front of the appliance and gently lift the genitals up, placing them behind the pubic hair of the appliance. Holding the string snug in one hand, use a hand mirror to determine the snugness desired. secure the gaff string to the waist string with a half-hitch knot. wrap the excess string around the waist on the other side. This may sound very complicated, however, when you have the product in your hands or on, it will become very easy and natural.

I purchased the Bladder V String, how do I fit my penis into the pocket?

The pocket is in the shape of a funnel. The latex pocket can be folded down from the top with the excess being on the outside of the pocket. While holding the bottom of the pocket, you can push your penis directly at the opening of the urethra. By squeezing the penis between your fingers, the pocket can be unfolded, thus surrounding the penis. If needed, you can trim the top of the pocket for shorter penis lengths.

Is the product shipped discreetly?

Yes, All packages are sent through regular certified mail in a brown package, with a green domestic return receipt addressed to JCS marketing, our company name. International orders are sent via Express mail. Customs form state "costume" in the detail area.

How long can I wear my V String?

If you wear it loosely, it is no different than a pair of panties. if you wear it tightly, you may perspire and the latex may cause a rash if worn for to long (in some people). Dusting powder, such as baby powder will help eliminate this effect. be sure to clean the V String after each use.

Can the Original Style V String Vagina be penetrated?

Yes, it is modeled to the size of an adult female vagina and can be penetrated by the average adult male penis. However, there is no canal or sleeve to the penis. There is just a slit in the bottom of the vagina, where the vaginal canal would be on a female. The latex memory allows it to stretch and return to a normal size. Treat it with tenderness, as you would a woman. The Sheath V String and Premium V String allow for penetration by your partner's penis, or a sexual aide ( vibrator)

How does one go to the bathroom while wearing the Original V String?

Simply disconnect the gaff string and reconnect afterwards. The Pocket and Premium V Strings allow you to urinate while wearing the item.

Can I buy a copy of your mailing or customer list?

We do not sell out customer list to anyone, nor will we give it away to anyone. we appreciate our customers and respect their privacy and need for discretion. We do not send out flyers or any promotional material to any of our customers.

How can I get your product without having it sent to my home or office?

All of our packages are sent return receipt required thru the US Postal Service. We can send them to you at a PO Box, or Mail Service Box (mailboxes etc...)

How does the Sheath V String work?

The Sheath V String Gaffe is designed with a vaginal canal sheath. You can insert a penis inside the sheath, allowing you and your partner to experience sexual pleasure. It is recommended to be worn with the genitals up and behind the pubic hair area holding everything in place. The sheath is attached at the vaginal opening, creating the illusion of an actual vagina. Like our other V String products, the Sheath V String is made of pure liquid latex rubber, which is hand brushed into a mold with up to 24 coats for each custom made product. There are 3 to 4 different colors of tinted latex in each product. The hair is sewn on by hand and adhered to the back with liquid latex.

Customer Comments

Jane: I bought your Pocket V string and I think its the greatest thing to come out for the cross dresser. I wear mine everyday. The ease of putting it on is remarkable, not as difficult as I had thought. I love the fact that I can sit and urinate as a female, and my clothes fit so well and look great. The construction and quality is top notch.

Cheryl: I received my V String a few months ago. I'm hooked, I wear it all the time. The pocket is fabulous, and I can wear tight pants and skirts and look so so real. Wearing it during sex is amazing and I feel so feminine.

Karen: I must than you for such a wonderful product. I just love the look and feel of the new me! It feels so good to look down and see the shape I always wanted down there.

Denise: of all the feminine products i have purchased over the years, your V String is simply the best. I recently had a makeover and had photos with my V String on and it was amazing how great the pictures came out.

Rose: being a cross dresser/trannsexual, having female characteristics is very important to me. Now I can sit down when urinating in a public bathroom while wearing my V String, and not potentially cause any disturbance in the ladies room. My clothing feels and looks so much smoother and realistic as well.

Paige: I received my V String vagina a couple months ago and I think its time to tell you how much I love your product. I can't tell you how much money I have spent in the past buying adult toy vaginas and trying to alter them to create a real looking female crotch between my legs. Your product is designed so perfectly that when I wear it I look and feel totally female down there. I can wear it for hours on end.

Andie: I just returned from a 3 day trip (entirely en femme) I wore the V String from 5am on Friday until 5pm Sunday, It was comfortable and using the powder really made all the difference. Even when going to the bathroom the construction of the V String helps to create a naturally feminine sound when urinating, which is so important in public restrooms as women sound much different than men doing this.

Yvette: I really enjoy the look my V String provides as it gives a beautiful feminine appearance. It is quite comfortable and easy to put on.

Bobbi: I just received the V string with the pocket, and I truly love it. I especially love that I can now sit to pee. I love to wear the V String as often as possible.

Jenn: I went on an out of town trip. I wore the V String for an 800 mile drive, it was very comfortable thank you very much for a great product.

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