Frequently Asked Questions (wig color chart below)

What wig is best for me, how do I choose?

What is your personality when dressed? What do you want it to be? Soft and feminine, short and sassy, sexy, casual? Choose a wig style that fits your personality when crossdressing. Short wigs are generally easirt to care for than longer, and curly styles. Our wigs are synthetic which are easier to style and care for than human hair wigs. Most of our wigs are ready to wear, some may need minimal styling such as trimming bangs for a perfect fit. Your budget will also determing what style and type of wig you purchase.
I have been using and selling wigs for over 20 years, and the selection here on the web site have been the most popular styles that work best for crosdressers and transgendered people. I also have access to hundreds more styles and price ranges of wigs.

How to I care for my wig?

Cleaning frequency will depend on how often you wear the wig, persperation, smoking ect.

To clean your wig, first gently brush or comb out any tangles. Then soak in lukewarm water with a wig shampoo for 3-5 minutes. The rinse for several minutes with lukewarm water. Next apply a wig conditioner. To dty the wig, roll it up in a towek and pat dry. Hang on a wig stand or on a doorknob until dry. Next gently comb or brush the wig. Never brush or comb a wet wig.


Wig Color Chart

       Collection Description:



Incognito® Wigs:


A collection for the fashion conscious or the fun loving, Incognito® will complete any fantasy by turning an ordinary day or night into an adventure. 


Incognito® Wigs … it’s all about the hair!™



Color Range Description



Incognito® Wigs Colors:


Naturally highlighted blends and vibrant fun shades coupled with exclusive Ombre “Twist” colorations create the dazzling assortment of fashionable and funky Incognito® colors. 


 Color Description


Black Black 

Espresso Dark Brown 

Chocolate Medium Brown 

Mocha Auburn with Caramel Brown Highlights

Copper Fire Red 

Ginger Copper with Strawberry Blonde Highlights

Butterscotch Golden Blonde 

Platinum Platinum Blonde

Snow White Pure White

Electric Blue Blue

Deep Purple Purple

Burgundy Wine Burgundy

Red Cherry Bright Red

Hot Pink Fluorescent Pink

Peppermint Twist White with Dip Dyed Pink Tips

Licorice Twist Black with Dip Dyed Red Tips

Berry Twist Black with Dip Dyed Fuchsia Tips

Vanilla Twist Black with Dip Dyed Platinum Tips

Cinnamon Twist Dark Brown with Dip Dyed Strawberry Tips

Caramel Twist Auburn with Dip Dyed Golden Blonde Tips







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